Soundscapes Radio • episode fifteen

by Simon James French

Beneath 05:01
The Waves 15:39
Surfacing 07:16


The majority of this month's episode is based around a piece I composed using the generative tools within Ableton. Using short looping phrases of notes that slowly phase-shift out of time with each other I've created a piece that grows and evolves in its own way.

Each track contains a single instrument playing a single note or a short phrase of notes. Some tracks are set to loop after 16 bars, some after 18 bars and some after 11. This means that after you set the loops running they will never sync back up; they will constantly shift in time, creating new and interesting patterns.

I spent the early days of this month setting up these 'rules' before letting the software do its own thing. After recording a large chunk of this piece I went in and added accompanying parts and also spent time cleaning up anything that didn't quite fit.


released November 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Simon James French England, UK

composing music for moments, places and atmospheres

Soundscapes Radio is a monthly series of music that takes the listener on a meditative journey through cities, places and moments. Perfect for meditation, deep work or just blissing out to.

Taking inspiration from time spent in Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand and Morocco.
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